Tech-Less Teens Resulting In Reconnecting In "Real-Time" Conversation

As I watched this video about tech-less teens doing away with all digital devices for ten days, I had to laugh at loud. Can we even imagine today's millennial crowd going ten minutes without fooling with some digital device, much less ten days?

In the above video, the teens found out that without any digital devices, they actually "reconnected" with their teacher, their families, their friends, and the "real world" around them, learning new ways of doing things.

The question was asked of a teen's mother, "So what was the biggest change that you saw during those ten days he (her son) was without the cell phone?" His mother's response was that "he communicated with family again" (see video).

I'm reminded of Jesus' one-on-one conversations with various people that He interacted with during His ministry on earth. When Jesus was around, not only were people healed of their maladies, but they learned something as well -- that Jesus was indeed the Son of God (Matthew 9:1-33).

And they learned that fact without the use of any digital devices.

WOW! --- what a revelation that must have been!

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets

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