"Look Up From Your Phone, Shut Down That Display, Stop Watching This Video, Live Life The Real Way"

In this powerful video, the above statement will hopefully resonate with folks who seemingly are glued to their smartphones. The last phrase of the above statement is extremely important to those of us who enjoy the reality of interacting with Christian friends in "real time" as I did at breakfast this morning with John and Dempsey, at the New Clock Restaurant.

We discussed current events in light of biblical teaching and principles, what's happening in the lives of our family and Christian friends, and biblical solutions to the problems of life that we all face. All of this discussion lead to us being drawn closer to one another as God's people.

And guess what? Not one of us looked at any smartphone (or dumb phone) during our two hour discussion, but thoroughly enjoyed one another's company. In fact, no one in the restaurant was observed looking at their smartphone. Rather, they were all involved in real face-to-face conversation, as we were.

Beloved, as the above video suggests, let's put away our communication devices (at least for a time), and in a practical sense, learn to "live life the real way" ..... developing needed friendships, and in the process, drawing closer to God.

Mike Riley, Gospel Snippets

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