In All My Years As A Christian ......

"The Faithful Few"

"Not Forsaking The Assembling Of Ourselves Together"

What Precipitates Apostasy?

Are We "Despising Our Youth?"

Never Underestimate The Power Of Impression

Do We Mean What We Sing?

"Our Sacrifices Of Thanksgiving"

The Virtues Of A Godly Woman

The "New" Or The "Old" Hermeneutic?

Why Teach The Principal Purposes Of The Old Testament?

How Do We Renew Our Mind?

What Being A Christian Means

No Solitary Confinement For Us!

Are We "B-U-S-Y?"

Old Testament Passages Relative To Revelation

Three Main Goals For The Lord's Church

The ABC's Of Christianity

What's Not In Ephesians 6:4

Why Instrumental Music Is Wrong In Worship

No Excuse Sunday!

Baptism Is A Corresponding "Type"

Helping Others, Expecting Nothing In Return

Who Are The Real Troublemakers?

"Baskin-Robbins" Preaching

Baptism Is A "Working Of God"

Surveying The Books Of The Bible

"The Love Of Christ Compels Me"

Salvation Is By Grace Through Faith

"Does God Forgive People Who Do Not Ask?"

Is Cursing A Sin?

The Inspired Scriptures Or Catholicism?

"For Where Two Or Three Are Gathered Together...."

Less Choices, Less Stress!

Do We Despise God's Blessings?

There Will Be No "Liars" In Heaven!

How "BIG" Is The Bible?

True Sacrificial Giving

Add A "Big Dose" Of Lovingkindness Today!

A Chart Illustrating The Establishment And Organization Of The Lord's Church

The Menu Said, "No Substitutions"

"When We Meet In Sweet Communion"

Who Were The Nicolaitans?

Making Application Of The 7 UPS!

Let's Make A Commitment To Read The Bible!

Examining The Three "P's" In The Lord's Model Prayer

"No Mischief Follow"

"Train Up A Child"

The Pharisees' Quandary

God's Work Of Repentance

The "Watered-Down" Philosophy

Some Thoughts On Church Growth

Why The Rapture Cannot Happen

"Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled"

Our Savior --- Both Human And Divine

The Proof Of God's Existence

What Was The Purpose Of Miracles In The First Century?

The Bible And The Universe