Six Things The Most Productive People Do Every Day

Sick And Tired

The Greatest Word


Having An Exciting Expectancy

Seeing Through The Eye Of Faith

Finding The Time To Read The Bible

Just Our Being There

No Time For God?

Let's Get Back To The Bible, To God, And To Moral Sanity!

Do We Remember Grandma?

"It Is Written" --- "It Is I" --- "It Is Finished"

Every Penny Counts!

Planning And Preparing For The Big Event

Remembering God's Vital Truths

On Being Long-Winded

And They Called It Junk!

Thank God We Can Choose The Color!

Is A "Little" Sinning All Right?

The Power Of Godly Acapella Christian Music

Do We Yearn For The "Good Old Days"?

No Pretense, Please!

Only One Type Of Christian

We Have Reservations At God's Table

A Comforting Daily Rhythm Of Life

About Jesus And His Possessions

What Makes Me Laugh?

The Tolerance Quotient

Six Words Worth Heeding

What God Gives A Boy And Girl

Old People Pride

Twelve Things To Do Daily

The Power Is Of The Lord

The Closer We Get

The Importance Of Teaching Integrity

The Only Option

The Importance Of Healthy Eyes

"When I Met The Master Face To Face"

"Silver Boxes"

Let's "Live Lovely" Today!

Let's Keep Our Bible Oiled!

Only A Single Spark

Where Are You Looking?

A Minute

School Work Begins

A Sure-Fire Recipe For Effective Christian Living

We Will "Come Forth"

"When I Throw Up My Hands In Despair"

A Forgotten Ring

"End Construction"

"No Time For Kicking"

Two Questions For God

"Be On God's Side"

On Running To The Doctor

More Humor For The Soul

What Would Our Name Be?

Observations Of The "Me" Generation