Murder, Mayhem, Madness, And "More"

Renew For The New Year

"Life's A Supermarket"

"Love Your Neighbor As Yourself"


A Sweeter Song

"Wait On The Lord"

"First Things First"

A Lack Of Repentance


Never Live In The State Of "Tomorrow"

Make The Most Of Life!

When God Storms In


If We're Too "Busy" To Talk To People, We're Too Busy!

More Than Sundays

Is It Mother Nature?

Three "Walks"

A Beautiful View Of Immortality

Asking God For Wisdom To Make Right Choices

"Lord, Help Us To Be People Who Encourage"

"Let Me Live Another Day And I Will Live The Way I Pray"

How Does A Homeless Man Spend $100?

A Prayer

Handling The Problems That Come Our Way

I Wish I Would Pray Like I Eat

On Finding Abiding Joy

What's So Merry About Christmas?

On Quenching Our Thirst

"The Last Hug"

Looking At Electronic Addictions

Wisdom And The Preexistent Christ

"While Men Slept"

A Brief Reminder To All Nations

On Protecting Our Children

What Is A Home Without A Bible?

Let's Throw Someone A Flower!

The Wooden Bowl

"Another Year Is Dawning"

On Making Prejudgments

On Finishing The Race Of Our Life

Ten Tidbits Of Wisdom

"Looking Unto Jesus"

Keep Telling It Like It Is!

Let's Have "More" Of Christ!

To Know "A Man"

Do We Know "The Homeless" Person?

The Thankful Heart

When The Children Have Grown Up

Pointing Our Children To Jesus

Conflicting Loyalties

God's Word As The Last Word!

"Is God's Word Enough?"

Serving Up The Very Best To God

Let's Not Be "Simpletons"

Looking At the Eyes Of God

And God Said, "No"

Secular Humanism Or Christianity?

"If You Haven't Got Anything Nice To Say....."

To Live Without Faith In Jesus......

"For Faith Is The Strength Of The Soul Inside"