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10 Biblical Ways To Have And Maintain A Happy And Fruitful Marriage

Do we want a happy and fruitful marriage? The following are ten biblical ways to have and maintain a happy and fruitful marriage:

"God Knows My Heart"

"God knows my heart. I cannot speak
But that my words are registered above;
I cannot pray but that my God
Already knows the things and ones I love.

Let's Leave All Vengeance To God!

In February, 2010, Fox News published an article about a man by the name of Joseph Stack from Austin, Texas, who flew his small aircraft into the IRS building in Austin, because of conflicts he had with the IRS (here is his suicide note).

"How To Love Someone You Can't Stand"

Doctor: “I see you’re over a month late for your appointment. Don’t you know that nervous disorders require prompt and regular attention:? What’s your excuse?”
Patient: “I was just following your orders, Doc.”
Doctor: “Following my orders? What are you talking about? I gave you no such order.”
Patient: “You told me to avoid people who irritate me.”

"I Intended To Do That"

Without a doubt, one of the most used expressions is, “I intended to do that.” In most of our lives, we find that many, if not a majority of our resolutions become simply “good intentions.” Unfortunately, far too few of us have any real concern, because our lives are composed of good intentions.

One Sure Way To Sell A Bible!

The story is told of a preacher who found out that his congregation was getting into very serious financial woes. While checking the church storeroom, he discovered several cartons of new Bibles that had never been opened and distributed. So at his Sunday sermon, he asked for three volunteers from the congregation who would be willing to sell the Bibles door-to-door for $10 each to raise the desperately needed money for the church.

A Soul Winning Poem

"Is there anything else that is better worth,
As along life’s way we plod,
Than to find some wandering soul of earth,
And bring him home to God?

A Daily Prayer

Great God,
Make me decent, orderly, useful, courteous, and kind
In the work of this day.
Let me not weaken myself in anger, cheapen myself by boasting,
Or play the fool by lying.

If There Were No God

There are many people in our world today who truly and sincerely believe that there is no sovereign God that governs our world and universe. For a few moments, let’s explore that possibility, and see what would happen if there were indeed no God.

What Kind Of Faith Must We Have?

The story is told of a man who was one day taking a walk on a cliff overlooking a beautiful hillside. As he looked at the beautiful view of the landscape, he leaned even farther over the edge of the cliff. Unfortunately, he slipped, falling nearly five hundred feet before finally grabbing hold of a tree root.

"Rotten Wood Cannot Be Carved"

The inspired Scriptures declare that children are a great blessing to any home (Psalm 127:3-5). Yet, there are many parents in our nation who have taken this blessing for granted, simply because they do not take the time to properly train and discipline their children.

"Only God Keeps You Going"

The following thoughts are from an email that I received from a brother in Christ. There is great truth in these statements, and something for us to think about every day of our life:

"Only What's Done For Christ Will Last"

The following poem, written by Charles Studd, was presented at my grandfather’s funeral in January, 1959. It was befitting for a man who lived his life for Christ.

"Was It Mind Or Matter?"

A sincere inquirer of truth once asked, “Why is there anything rather than nothing? If there was ever a time when nothing existed, nothing would exist now, for something cannot come from nothing. Since something exists now, something has always existed. Was it mind or matter?

"A Careful Man I Want To Be"

As Christ is our godly example for us to follow (1 Peter 2:21; 1 John 2:6; cf. Acts 10:38), we too should be godly examples to our children and grandchildren.

Let's "Grow A Little New Wood"

The story is told that when the great poet, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was well along in years, his head was white as snow, but his cheeks were as red as a rose. An ardent admirer asked him how it was the he was able to keep so vigorous and write so beautifully.

Character Counts!

Ralph Waldo Emerson, American essayist, philosopher and poet once stated, “The true test of civilization is not the census, nor the size of cities, nor the crops – no, but the kind of man the country turns out” (source).

Will Evil Men Be Annihilated?

An individual once asked me, “Some of our religious friends suggest that from the text in Matthew 10:28, evil men will be completely annihilated (put out of existence) by God through the use of the word, "destroy." Is this true?”

"Lord, Make Me A Bookworm Like That"

It is said that Charles Spurgeon once found an old worm-eaten Bible on the table at a Scottish wayside inn. Carefully holding it up to the light, he noticed only one hole through which the light shone.

What Kind Of "Fool" Will We Be?

The Bible lists several kinds of fools. Hopefully, none of us fit into any category of the fools listed in a negative sense. However, as Christians, have we ever thought of ourselves as being a “fool“? Paul and the rest of the apostles thought of themselves as being “fools for Christ’s sake.

Let's Not Whittle On God's End Of The Stick!

Several times in my life, individuals have asked me, “If a person dies on their way to the baptistry, will they be lost?” If we were to say to these individuals, “the person is lost,” we often play into the hands of a prejudiced individual who wants such a reply as justification for rejecting, “those church of Christ people who think they’re the only ones going to heaven!”

Let's Take A Lesson From Our Animal Friends!

There are times when animals seem to have more sense than people. Because of their awareness to natural phenomena, they have at times helped man to avoid certain disasters (also see article).

Jake, The Rancher Poem

The following cowboy poem by an unknown author, emphasizes our need for daily prayer (Daniel 6:10; cf. Psalm 55:17; Luke 18:1; Romans 12:12; Ephesians 6:18; Colossians 4:2; 1 Thessalonians 5:17) — not praying just when we get in trouble:

The Simplicity Of The Gospel

When asked by their advertising executive to describe a name brand soap for an ad campaign, members of an advertising agency wrote: “The alkaline elements and vegetable fat in this product are blended in such a way as to secure the highest quality of saponification along with a specific gravity that keeps it on top of the water, relieving the bather of the trouble and annoyance of fishing around for it in the bottom of the bathtub during his ablution.

"Jesus Loves Me" (Senior Version)

From time to time, I receive interesting emails from fellow Christians. The following is such an email. It is the senior version of the old hymn, “Jesus Loves Me”:

Three Great Life Principles

Three great life principles that faithful Christians should live by, are found in the following Scriptures, along with a Bible example:

O Church, Shape Up! Stand Up! Speak Up!

"A church once stood for truth and right;
To have it preached was its delight;
But things today are not the same;
Alas! Has all gone down the drain?

Where Is Our "Safe Room" Located?

In various parts of our country that are susceptible to hurricanes and tornados, home owners have built “safe rooms” — special places where they can go for protection (see pictures set 1 and set 2).

The "Mattress Springs Church Of Christ"

Brother Marshall Reid, preacher for the Bulverde church of Christ in Bulverde, Texas has written an interesting article entitled, “Why Assemble?“ In his article, he explains what the “Mattress Springs Church of Christ” is all about:

Having The Right Work Ethic

One of my favorite daily cartoon strips is “Dilbert” produced by cartoonist Scott Adams. In the strip, Mr. Adams mocks technology, leadership fads, and incompetent managers.

"Please Write To A Veterinarian"

Years ago, a man wrote to Dear Abby and asked, “Dear Abby: I am in love and am having an affair with two different women. I can’t marry them both. Please tell me what to do, but don’t give me any of that morality stuff.”

Living Successfully In A Stressful World

Push, produce, succeed, get ahead, get the job done — that pretty much defines the fast-paced world we live in today. The burden of continually producing, creates stress — either by self-motivation to get the job done, or by pressure exerted by someone else to perform. And along with stress, comes irritability, hyper criticism, angry words, and even biting and consuming our family members and fellow Christians (Gal. 5:13-15) — each link of the chain seems to feed off the other and compound the problem. There is little calmness and serenity in our lives — little time just to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

"What In The World Am I Here For?"

In the Bee Gee’s song, “I Started A Joke” on You Tube, an individual commented on the third stanza of the song, “Til I finally died which started the whole world living" — "I feel that way all the time. That’s when I wonder what in the world am I here for, cause I sure don’t know” (see an interpretive study of the lyrics).

Let's "Walk Before The Lord" — Even In Old Age!

President James A. Garfield is quoted as saying, “If wrinkles must be written upon our brows, let them not be written upon the heart. The spirit should never grow old.

Take Time To "Connect" With The Lord!

The word “connected” captures today’s fast-paced society. There are many folks these days who rarely go anywhere without a cell phone, iPod, iPad, or laptop computer. Some people are so addicted to being connected, they are accessible twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

"Wealth Makes Many Friends"

In 1990, the Orlando Sentinel reported that William Curry, a Boston resident, died just a few weeks after winning the state lottery worth 3.6 million dollars (see article). Mr. Curry had worked most of his life as a cafeteria cook for the Merit Food Company on a modest income by which he managed to provide for his wife, son, and daughter.

A Way To Prevent Divorce

From Psychology Today, we read that “according to researchers at the University of Michigan, there are three adverse experiences during childhood that are particularly likely to lead to bouts of major depression in adulthood. At the top of the list is growing up in a violent home. Parental mental illness and parental divorce are close behind.

"Let Another Man Praise You"

There’s an old fable that tells the story of two geese who were about to start southward on their annual autumn migration, when they were entreated by a frog to take him with them.

Listening To The Elderly

We can learn a lot from listening to the elderly. This writer used to sit for hours listening to my Aunt Lee tell about the true and exciting stories she was a part of when growing up on a ranch not far from Weatherford, Texas. She lived through Indian uprisings and the horse and buggy era, when life wasn’t near as pleasant as it is now.

Let Us "Simply Learn To Be Violins"

The story is told of an old violin-maker who chose the wood for his instruments from the north side of the trees, because this was the side that faced the fiercest windstorms. When the storms raged, the trees would groan under the lashings, but this is what gave them their strength.

"Fix The People, Not The Barrel"

The following words of wisdom are from Ralph Parlette’s book entitled, “The University of Hard Knocks.” In the Forward of the book, brother Leroy Brownlow says of Ralph Parlette, “Ralph Parlette lectured on the basic fundamental principles of living which have made a people strong and a nation great. He fortified his listeners for life’s struggles. He himself said that he wanted his lectures to be a “little life when the going gets rough.” And this they were. His down-to-earth philosophy mixed with humor reminds us more of Will Rogers than any other man we have read after.

God Simplifies, Man Complicates

My fellow laborer in Christ, Richard Mansel, has written an excellent article, regarding the fact that "God simplifies, man complicates." We ask, "Why does man have to complicate things?" The easy answer is because of pride and ego (Obadiah 1:1-4; Genesis 11:1-4).

"When Things Go Wrong"

The following poem by an unknown author, encourages us to “keep on keeping on” no matter how difficult our problems and trials are, remembering “if God is for us, who can be against us?” (Romans 8:31).

Let's Invest In People!

After being warned by the prophet Daniel about his sinful pride (Proverbs 6:16-18; Psalm 101:5), the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar was struck with insanity. The Lord restored his mind, but only after he spent a long period of time in a field thinking he was a wild animal (Daniel 4:28-37).

It's Not In The Training, But In The Aiming!

According to the theory of aerodynamics, the butterfly should be able to fly as fast as the bumble bee, and the bumble bee should not be able to fly at all. The reason being is that the butterfly has a small, light body and a large wing-spread, while the bumble bee has a short, stubby body, heavy and awkward in design, with practically no wing-spread at all. Yet, the bee is not acquainted with the laws of the theory of aerodynamics, so in his ignorance, he goes ahead and flies anyway.

Little "Sponges" And Impressionable Childen

Like little sponges that absorb vast amounts of liquid, young impressionable children quickly soak up attitudes and ideas with which they come in contact. Therefore, as parents, we must be very careful about what is allowed to fill their minds during their formative years.

Get Out Into The "Son" Light!

According to health care professionals, one of the most important things a mentally depressed individual can do for themselves, is to get out into the sunlight. There are also other ways to beat the blues and depression (see article 1; article 2).

Does Your Congregation Have A Clear Sense Of Purpose?

In one of his books, Charles Paul Conn recalls the beginning to an unusual phone call. Conn had seen a Yellow Pages listing for a restaurant in Atlanta called Church of God Grill.

"The Only Way To Do Great Work....."

When I think of Steve Jobs, I’m reminded of what Mr. Jobs stated in his commencement address that he delivered to the Stanford University graduating class in June, 2005.

Surprise! The Bible Is The Best Self-Help Book

In an article several years ago, the Associated Press made an interesting concession. After evaluating 4,000 self-help books on the market, they concluded that the best book on happiness and contentment, was in the original self-help book, the Bible.

The Ten Cannots

1) You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.

Good Advice From An Undertaker

There’s a funeral director in a small Michigan town who has overseen some 5,000 burials over a period of 25 years. He was asked by a local reporter how his experience had shaped his thinking in resolving conflicts with others. He responded, “It tends to make me want to resolve conflicts a little quicker, because I’ve seen people go off to work who didn’t come home.

"Son.....Change Your Hitchin' Post"

The story is told of a young West Texas farmer who had a reputation of frequenting a local bar in town. He would tie his team of horses to the hotel hitching post next to where the bar was, go inside the bar and have a few drinks.

Five Things We Can Never Recover

Have we ever thought about things that are non-recoverable once they are gone from our midst? The following are five things we can never recover once they are gone:

On Losing A Spouse

"No one know the anguish he suffers,
Or the thousand deaths he dies each day.
Mem’rys linger everywhere he looks,
But his “other half” has passed away.