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Some Good Advice For Husbands

Brother Trey Morgan, preacher for the Childress church of Christ in Childress, Texas, has written an article with some good advice for husbands entitled, “10 Marriage Gifts Your Wife Would Love.”

Replacing Face-To-Face Interaction With Technology

As I was reading this Forbes article, emphasizing the replacement of face-to-face interaction with technology, I thought about what might be the causing factor of this change, and have come to the conclusion that the causing factor is a lack of trust in our fellow man. Simply stated, because of deceitful individuals who lie, when it would be better to tell the truth, no one can trust anyone. And sad to say, this ungodly state of mind will only get worse as time goes on.

Only A 15 Minute Search

This writer has heard just about every excuse there is for not opening and studying God’s Word, including my own. Perhaps our excuses might be dramatically diminished, if there were a hidden treasure located within the pages of the Bible. Would we not be motivated to search for such a treasure? (Matthew 13:44).

13 Habits Of Exceptionally Likeable People

In this writer's life experiences, I've found that being sincerely interested in the lives of people with whom I interact, has made a significant and positive impact on my own life. The following 13 practical habits described in this Forbes article, will not only have a positive impact on people with whom we daily interact with, but on ourselves as well.

Afraid To Die?

"Afraid to die?
Of what?
To fear the spirit’s sweet release,
To pass from pain to perfect peace,
The strife and strain of life to cease.
Afraid of that?

American Idols

Brother Jeff Randolph, a member of the Saline congregation in Saline, Michigan, has written an excellent article entitled “American Idols” in which he emphasizes the various idols that Americans worship today.

Botox Treatments For The Soul

Appearance is important to Botox users — so important in fact, that they will allow themselves to be injected time after time, so that their unkind wrinkles will disappear. However, the treatment must be administered repeatedly in order for those wrinkles to keep from coming back.

The Bible Has An "App" For That!

Do we remember when telephones were for making simple phone calls? (see video) Today, cell-phone applications, or “apps” as they are called, allow us the capability of reading daily news reports, sports scores, playing games, planning trips, finding out what our location is anywhere on the globe — or any of three hundred thousand other applications that are now readily available.

Let's Get Involved ---- Now!

Several years ago, there was an article in the Houston Post relating an incident that took place in Miami, Florida. A man was being beaten by several younger men who were robbing him. While about 50 people stood motionless, one man tried to help; but without success.

The Trust That Overcomes

On the old “Happy Days” television show, Richie Cunningham had just been “grounded for life” by his father, Howard, for misbehaving. As they talked about it, Howard asked his son, “Did you know that there is a lesson in this for you?” Richie’s response was priceless: “figured anything with this much pain had to have a lesson in it somewhere.”

Fear With A Proper Perspective

The story is told of a soldier who waved to one of the spectators as he was standing at attention during a parade drill. The drill instructor saw him waving and immediately went over to the young man and scolded him by saying, “Soldier, don’t ever wave while in formation again!”

"We've Come A Long Way, Baby"

Growing up on a farm back in the 1940’s, this writer vividly remembers a time when folks knew how to trim a wick on a kerosene lamp so it wouldn’t smoke up the chimney. I also remember when electricity replaced the kerosene lamp, and when automatic washers replaced scrub boards, and dryers replaced clothes lines.

"And Let Us Not Grow Weary"

Many times in our Christian walk, it becomes very discouraging to continue to do good and receive no word of thanks or see no tangible results. However, Paul challenges us to keep on doing good because in due time we will reap that eternal reward.

Articles Focusing On Islam

Dear Readers, Since Islam and the Qur'an have been in the news now for quite some time (see here), it would behoove us as followers of Christ to learn more about this religion. Thus, for your reading and information, the following articles are articles written by brethren which focus on the beliefs and teachings of Islam:

"Plant The Good Seed"

The story is told of a pioneer preacher was one day preaching on the topic, “The Bible can be understood” to a small group who had gathered on the street, when an atheist ridiculed him saying, “Preacher, if the Bible is so easily understood, who don’t more people understand it?”

On Not Influencing Our Children

Some folks are heard to say, “We will not influence our children in making choices and decisions in matters of religion” (see article).

Taking Advantage Of God's Treasure Chest

Most of us wouldn’t ignore a dollar lying on the ground. We would gladly pick it up and put it in our pocket. Yet we often ignore the Bible, a treasure chest overflowing with God’s precious promises (2 Peter 1:2-4; cf. 2 Corinthians 6:16-18; 2 Corinthians 7:1). David, the likely author of Psalm 119), recorded the rich blessings he experienced as he studied God’s Word and stored it in the pocket of his "heart" (Psalm 119:10-11).

The Time To Trust

When is the time to trust?
Is it when all is calm, when waves the victor’s palm,
And life is one glad psalm of joy and praise?
“Nay, but the time to trust is when the waves beat high,

Nearer Home

"One sweetly solemn thought
Comes to me o’er and o’er;
I am nearer home to-day
Than I ever have been before;


To the preacher, life’s a sermon,
To the joker, life’s a jest,
To the miser, life is money,
To the loafer, life’s a rest.

The Power Of A Christian Hymn

"There’s something about a fine old hymn
That can stir the heart of a man;
That can reach to the goal of his inmost soul
Such as no mere preaching can.

"What Is Beauty?"

Elizabeth Taylor was at one time considered to be the most beautiful woman in the world. However, when she died at the age of 79 — her outward beauty was a thing of the past.

Let's Not Leave The Seed In The Barn!

The story is told of a man who was once treated kindly by a people in a remote African village. Wanting to show his appreciation, the man sent the natives a gift in the form of a sundial. His thinking was, that it would help all of the people in the village more easily determine the time of day.

Dashboard Dining Or Spiritual Feast?

The phrase “dashboard dining” has come to signify the growing practice of eating while driving to save time. Popular freeway cuisine includes yogurt in squeeze tubes, soup in heat-and-sip containers, and small cookies that fit in cup holders.

"The Affairs Of This Life"

The apostle Paul warned Timothy about being entangled with  “the affairs of this life” (2 Timothy 2:4). He urged Timothy not to let anything slow him down or distract him from serving the cause of Christ.

"Trusting In Him Who Can Go With Me"

On February 11, 1861, Abraham Lincoln left Springfield, Illinois, to become President of the United States. With the threat of The Civil War looming in the near future, he said goodbye to the friends and neighbors who had come to see him off.

Why Stick With Marriage?

It was with great interest, as I read the above titled article that speaks to the decline of marriage in our country. Author Maggie Gallagher quotes from a Pew Center analysis of American Community Survey data, released a few weeks ago, "found that less than half of American children live with a married couple who are both in their first marriage — the intact, nuclear, married family — down from 61 percent as recently as 1980."

Setting Ourselves Apart For God

In Scripture, the word “hallow” is a synonym for the word “sanctify.” When we hallow or sanctify something, we set it apart as being holy.

On Twisting The Scriptures

The story is told of an art enthusiast who displayed a collection of etchings on his office walls, including one of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Every morning he noticed the picture was crooked, so he straightened it. Finally one evening he asked the cleaning woman if she was responsible for moving the picture each night. “Why, yes,” she said, “I have to hang it crooked to make the tower straight!”

Life's Goal

"What is the goal in life I seek?
Whatever do I call my aim?
Could it be wealth? Or maybe pow’r?
Or is it early fame?

Reminding Our Children Of "Who" They Belong To

Today, sending children away to college is as frightful for parents, as it is wondering “how” they will pay for their college education. In today’s world of evolutionary thought and the various “isms” being proclaimed, parents are also concerned about “what” their children will learn at these so-called institutions of “higher“ learning.

Circumstances And God

A wise friend once advised me, “Never be quick to judge whether something is a blessing or a curse.” The story of Naomi reminds me of this advice.

Standing Stubborn And Firm On God's Truth

It was preacher and author A. W. Tozer, who said, “Little by little evangelical Christians these days are being brainwashed. One evidence is that increasing numbers of [Christians] are becoming ashamed to be found unequivocally on the side of truth. They say they believe, but their beliefs have been so diluted as to be impossible of clear definition” (source).

Fear And Faith Contrasted

The following are some contrasting thoughts with regard to fear and faith:

"Lord, Who May Abide In Your Tabernacle?"

Psalm 15 gives a vivid picture of the person whose conduct grows out of fellowship with the living God. The question, “Lord, who may abide in Your tabernacle?” (Psalm 15:1) is answered with examples from everyday living:

On Guarding Our Ears

The inspired writer Solomon gives us some sage advice when he states: “Do not take to heart everything people say, Lest you hear your servant cursing you, For many times, also, your own heart has known That even you have cursed others” (Ecclesiastes 7:21-22).

Signs Of Success

The following signs of success by poet, Ralph Waldo Emerson are very worthwhile signs of success:

The Magnitude Of God's Divine Love

The lyrics we often sing in Frederick M. Lehman’s hymn, “The Love of God,” captures in word pictures, the breathtaking magnitude of God’s divine love. The third verse reads:

"Modesty: Both Inner And Outer"

While skimming through the Internet a few days ago, I found this very soul-refreshing site entitled, "Tomorrow's Church, Today," ran and promoted by teens around our country who are members of the Lord's church. There are several teens who have written Bible based articles relative to the topic of "modesty" (as well as other topics).

"Fighting For The Truth"

The Gospel Advocate, dated 15 Feb. 1940, p. 148, stated the following regarding brother F.B. Srygley: “No one has sacrificed more time from home and family for the cause of Christ than Brother Srygley. No one has endured more hardships, suffered more bitter persecution, and been slandered more than was he. Those who read his editorials can bear testimony that he waged a relentless warfare against every encroachment on the truth of God and against the enemies of the church of our Lord.

"For When I Am Weak, Then I Am Strong"

No one in our society wants to “appear” as being weak, so we find ways to “appear” as if we are very strong. Some folks use the force of their emotions to manipulate people, while others use the force of their personality to control people. This writer has even worked with bosses who have used their so-called “superior” intellect to intimidate others.

What Does "The Fullness Of Time" Mean?

An individual once asked, "Galations 4:4, states that God sent forth His Son when the fullness of the time had come. Can you please explain more fully what this phrase means?" To get the complete thought of the inspired writer, the text in Galations 4:4-5 reads:

"All Things Bright And Beautiful"

"All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small,
All things wise and wonderful,
The Lord God made them all.

There's An Antidote For The Sting Of Sin!

Over the past few years, various warnings have been circulated about the danger posed by the “Violin Spider” — better known as the Brown Recluse spider. Zoologists who study arachnology (spiders and their relatives), say that this spider’s bite is relatively painless and the agonizing effects are not felt until hours later.

Devoting A Lifetime To The Christian Walk

During an interview, the great Polish pianist Ignacy Paderewski (see videos) once stated, “It is not from choice that my life is music and nothing more, but when one is an artist what else can he be? When a whole lifetime is too short to attain the heights he wants to reach, how then can he devote any of the little time he has to things outside of his art?” (source – see under "Acts 11:19-26" heading).

Exchanging The Fear Of Terror For Peace And Praise

After the terrorist bombing of New York’s twin towers on September 11, 2001, there still remains this truth: From New York to Indonesia, warnings and threats of terrorist attacks continue to this day. Terrorism derives its sting by exporting fear. In our country today, a paranoia of fear exists because no one feels safe.

Reading The Bible Introduces Us To The Great Physician

Unbelief, laziness, busyness, and just plain indifference, are just some of the reasons folks give for not reading the Bible. Gamaliel Bradford, one of the most distinguished biographers of modern times wrote, “I do not read the New Testament for fear of its awakening a storm of anxiety and self-reproach and doubt and dread of having taken the wrong path, of having been traitor to the plain and simple God” (source – scroll down page under heading, "The Man Who Arose From The Dead").

Abstinence Is Reasonable

In the October-November-December, 2011 Issue of the brotherhood publication, “Think On These Things,” brother David Diestelkamp has written this above titled article. In his good article, brother Diestelkamp writes the following regarding abstinence: "People think abstinence is unreasonable because they don’t understand sanctification. Couples give in to sexual temptation because they forget their sanctification."

The Need For Apologetics

In a recent American Thinker article entitled, "Christianity Is Losing In America," author Craig Dunkley emphasizes the need for more teaching of apologetics in churches throughout our country.The Lord's church is no exception. With the constant bombardment of atheistic and humanist philosophies, people are very confused as to "who" is right and "what" is right in matters of religion.

"If I Should Wake Before I Die"

The story is told about a young boy who was saying the words of the following well-known bedtime prayer after being tucked into bed by his mom:

It Is A Privilege To Represent The Lord!

Paul identified himself as an “apostle” (1 Timothy 1:1), meaning “he that is sent.” It was “by the commandment of God our Savior and the Lord Jesus Christ.” In other words, his apostleship was not a human, but a divine appointment.

Aiming At The Right Target

In Paul’s letter to the brethren at Philippi, he expresses the importance of focusing on the right target in our Christian life, when he tells us, “I press toward the goal [mark – KJV] for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 3:14).

"Buy The Truth And Sell It Not"

In the 2009, Volume 47, Number 4 issue of “The Sword and Staff” publication, editor James E. Gibbons emphasizes the following need in his article entitled, “The Truth — Love It, Or Lose It!”:

Wonder Bread

Have you ever thought why bread is mentioned so often in scripture? What brought this to mind was  my last trip to the market ….. there were at least forty types of bread or bread products ….. maybe more if you count the donuts! As I remember, the first bread  mentioned in scripture was the unleavened bread used in the first Passover in the book of  Exodus (Exodus 12) ….. The people were told to make their bread in haste without leaven, because they had to leave quickly before the bread would rise and then  baked.

"Who Has Known The Mind Of The Lord?"

With our finite minds and many times, self-centered views, it’s sometimes difficult to understand why God does what He does. Yet some people look at tragedies that come their way in life and turn their backs on God — assuming that their finite knowledge about the situation is greater than His infinite wisdom.