The Bible And The T.V. Guide

Seeing What God Sees

Christians Are God's Catalogs

"God Can Fix It!"

"Go To The Ant, You Sluggard!"

Preparing The Highway Of Our Heart

Today Is Ours

Hell And Arrogance

"Will We Be Masters Or Victims?"

Let's Never Rust Out!

Respecting And Honoring Those Who Serve

Are We A Faithful Friend To Jesus?

God Is Still Looking For "Amateurs"

Trusting God To Accomplish The Impossible

One Of Our Greatest Responsibilities

Rising Above Self-Rejection

Slaying Those Dragons

Recognition Beyond This Life

Thanksgiving And Thanks Living

Remembering God And Being Disturbed

Focusing On Spiritual Things Today

"For The Lord Is With You"

Read The Best Selling Banned Book!

"How Excellent Is Your Name In All The Earth!"

A Good Return On God's Investment

A Human Being Or A Blob Of Tissue?

"Service Is The Bottom Line To Happiness And Fulfillment"

Beware Of The Temptation That Success Brings

We Had A "Drug" Problem

Seeking The Advice Of Wise Counselors

Let Us Place Our Future In Jesus' Hands

The Need In Prayer Is A Humble Posture Of The Heart

On Getting The Lord's Work Done

First Impressions Are Often Incorrect Impressions

Imitating Christ

Let's Lift Up Our Lord To Others!

Let's "Hang In There"

Words Of Encouragement And Words Of Warning

"Why The Need For A Body?"

Learning To Accept God's "No" As An Answer

A Question Of Obedience

Making Our Collective Worship More Meaningful

"Tell What Great Things God Has Done For You"

God's Word Is Always Fresh, Exiting, And Worth Repeating!

What Is Effective Teaching?

Pursuing Our True Needs

Thanksgiving Every Day!

Looking At The Priorities Of Life

"Horror Of Great Darkness"

Christ's Resurrection Guarantees Our Own

God Is Ready To Help When We Stumble And Fall

Who Did Cain Marry?

Instant Access To Our Heavenly Father

"He Is Not Here; For He Is Risen"

The Lasting Treasures Are In Heaven